1.  As the story begins what are the girl and her father setting out to do late one winter night?

They are going hunting.

They are going owling.

They are going to go to the country.

2.  What sound do they hear in the distance followed by barking dogs?

They hear a train whistle blow.

They hear someone crying softly.

They hear birds chirping.

3. In addition to little gray footprints, what else followed the girl and his Pa as they walked over the crisp snow?

their shadows

two dogs


4.  When Pa called "Whoo-whoo-who-whoo-whoooooo."  What sound was he imitating?

The sound of many kinds of owls.

The sound of a Barred Owl.

The sound of a Great Horned Owl.

5.  Why was the girl not disappointed when there was no answer?

His brothers told him sometimes there's an owl and sometimes there isn't.

His mother told him sometimes there's an owl and sometimes there isn't.

His father told him sometimes there's an owl and sometimes there isn't.

6.  The girl knew that you had to be very quiet when you go owling.  What else did the child know as well?

You must bring along a gun.

You have to make your own lunch, and cook over a fire.

You have to make your own heat, and be brave.

7.  The girl explained how white the snow was in a very special way.  Which of the following is the explanation used?

It was whiter than vanilla ice cream.

It was whiter than the milk in a cereal bowl.

It was as white as the moon in the sky.

8.  Why did the girl's Pa smile when he heard the sound of the owl?

He was getting ready to shoot it.

He believed he and owl could see each other.

He believed he and the owl were talking about supper, or the woods, or the moon, or the cold.

9.  What did the girl's Pa use to see the owl?

a lantern

a big flashlight

the headlights on the car

10.  How long did the girl believe that she, her Pa and the owl stared at each other?

for two hours

one minute, three minutes, maybe even a hundred minutes

a few seconds

11.  What is the only thing you need when you go owling?

a lunch

warm mittens




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