1.  Why is Francisco sad?

He wants a dog.

He is very sick.

He wants a baby brother.

2.  What does Francisco's father do for a job?

He is a farmer.

He drives a truck.

He mines for gold.

3. What is the reason Francisco gives for not wanting a tortoise?

He said they won't play in the desert heat.

He said they are too slow.

He only wants a dog.

4.  What kind of dog does mother suggest Francisco might like?

a prairie dog

a German Shepard

a hound dog

5.  What town is located under ground?


Prairie-Dog Town

The town that Francisco and his family live in.

6.  What is the name Francisco gives to his new pet?




7.  What kind of noise does Francisco's new pet like better than any other sound?

the whisper of a quail

the rustle of grass

the sound of human boys

8.  Whom does Mother Prairie Dog warm Amigo to be careful of and why?

A human boy because he is very wild.

A human boy because he will step on him.

A human boy because he will destroy the Prairie-Dog Town if he finds it.

9.  What does Amigo tell all of the other Prairie Dogs?

He tells them he is afraid.

He tells them they must move to another town.

He tells them he can tame a child.

10.  What gift does Amigo place on the small white stone for Dominic?

a blue jay feather

a green blade of grass

a grain of sand

11.  What did Dominic bring and place on the stone for Amigo?

wild cherries and fat dark berries

a green blade of grass

a piece of bread

12.  What did Amigo listen for to know that Francisco was near?

He listened for his footsteps on the hot sand.

He listened for his singing to signal he was near.

He listened for his whistle in the summer air.

13.  Which of the following facts in the story is NOT true?

Francisco's family is very poor.

Francisco is an only child.

Francisco finds a pet.



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