307 Storm in the Night

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1.  Why are the characters in the dark at the beginning of the story?

The lights have gone out because of a storm.

Grandfather turns the lights off.

Thomas turns the lights off.

2.  When did Thomas believe his grandfather had been a boy?

when his parents were young

at the beginning of the world

not very long ago

3. Who is Ringo?

a bird

a dog

a cat

4.  How does Grandfather explain that Thomas can hear better in the dark than when the lights are on?

He said he was listening more carefully.

He said because he is just listening, and not trying to see and hear at the same time.

He said because his ears work better in the dark.

5.  Since it was dark in the house what did they use to find their way to the front door and out on the porch?

the light of the lightning

a match

a flashlight

6.  What else does Thomas realize he can do better in the dark as well?

He can sing bettter.

He can smell better.

He can sleep better.

7.  What was the name of the dog Grandfather had as a boy?




8.  What does Grandfather tell Thomas that both he and his dog were afraid of when they were both young?



the dark

9.  What does Grandfather tell Thomas he wouldn't know about?

He wouldn't know about Melvin.

He wouldn't know about fear.

He wouldn't know about getting old.

10.  What was the man who was seven feet tall and had a face like a crack in the ice holding in his arms?


a book

a shovel

11.  What does Grandfather say when Tomas admits he might be a little bit afraid?

He says he shouldn't cry.

He says he is acting like a baby.

He says it's perfectly natural.

12.  Which of the following facts is NOT true?

Thomas likes his cat.

Grandfather didn't really have a cat named Melvin when he was a boy.

Grandfather is very old and Thomas is a young boy.

13.  Which of the following messages is Grandfather trying to teach Thomas?

A pet dog is better than a pet cat.

You should tell stories when you are in the dark.

It is alright to admit you are afraid of something.



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