308 The Legend of the Bluebonnet

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1.  What were the Comanche watching and waiting for after the hard winter was over?

They were waiting for the chiefs to return.

They were waiting for the healing rains to come.

They were waiting for the trees to blossom.

2.  What is the name of the girl who holds a warrior doll in her lap?




3. Who went to the top of the hill to listen for the words of the Great Spirits?



the shaman

4.  What reason do the Great Spirits give to explain the lack of the healing rains?

The People have become selfish and have taken from the Earth without giving anything back.

The clouds contain no rain.

The rivers have dried up.

5.  What must the People do to restore life to the Earth and to the People?

They must dig deep into the earth for water.

They must make a burnt offering.

They must not plant any crops.

6.  What valued possession is the girl willing to give to the Great Spirits?

the warrior doll

her clothes

her hair

7.  What did she do with the ashes of her valued possession?

She scattered them to the North and the East, the South and the West.

She buried them in a shallow grave.

She put them in a treasure box.

8.  What did the People believe the blue flowers were a sign of?




9.  What new name does the little girl become known by at the end of the book?

One-Who-Dearly-Loved-Her People



10.  In what state does this story take place?




11.  What is a bluebonnet?

a hat

a flower

a basket

12.  Which of the following facts is NOT true?

This book is about how the bluebonnet came to be.

This book is about a little girl who make a sacrifice.

This book is about a little girl likes to play tricks on others.

13.  Why was the little girl in this story all alone?

She ran away from her parents.

Her family had died in the famine.

Her family had been shot and killed by the white men.



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