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The Moles of White Lake
By Abby

Page 7 Questions for Page 7


Meanwhile, Grover, Lilly and Beth are frantically looking for Mickey and Alli.  They search and search but can't find them anywhere.  The mole police department is called and a search party is formed.

Alli & Mickey are having a great time in the circus.  They were watching an elephant circus act and volunteered  to be part of the act.  They rode on the elephant's ears while standing up. It was a great ride.  After that, the flying trapeze act was starting and they jumped onto the trapeze rope and rode to the top of the tent.  From there they had a great vantage point and could see all of the circus. 

"What should we do next?"  As  they were discussing what to do next.  Allie remembered that maybe their parents are worried about them.  So, they went to the circus office and called their house, but no one was home because they are all out looking for them.


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