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The Liar
by Janelle


  Once upon a time, there was a young boy who went to school. He was bored so he decided to play with his  friends. But, his friends doesn't want to play with him because they have more important things to do. To get attention, he told his friends "Hey look! There is a lion!". Curios, his friends went to see the lion. But then, they found out that the young boy was just lying. They all went back and continued studying. 10 days later, the young boy saw a real lion! Frightened, he called his friends for help. But then knowing the lie that he said last time, his friends didn't trust him that there was a real lion so, they didn't go there. Because they thought that he was lying again.  No one helped the young boy. So, the lion attacked him.

Moral lesson: Never lie because the truth will set you free!


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