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Spelling List - Level 3

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3-1 Spelling List


11. believe 1.  think something is true:  We believe the earth is round.  2. think someone tells the truth:  Did her friends believe her?
12. meet 1.  come face to face with:  I don't want to meet another car on this narrow road.  2.  come together: Two roads meet at the corner.  3. be introduced to:  I want to meet him today.
13. beat 1.  hit again and again:  The bad man beats his dog.   2.  do better than:  Our team beat yours.  3.  mix by stirring:   Beat two eggs for the cake.
14. least 1.  less than any other:  He is the least friendly of all.   2.  the smallest thing:  The least you can do is say you are sorry.
15. ears 1.  part of the body by which people and animals hear:   The dog has big, floppy ears.  2.  the part of certain plants that contains the grain:  An ear of corn is yellow.
16. key 1.  a small metal instrument for opening or fastening a lock.  2. the answer to a problem.  3.  a set of signs used in a dictionary.  4.  one of the parts you press with your fingers on a piano and other instruments.  5.  in music, a scale of notes: the key of F.
17. seed 1.  the thing from which a plant grows.  2. scatter seed over:  Dad seeded our lawn.
18. please 1.  give pleasure to:  Reading aloud to children pleases them.  2. be happy or delighted:  Sam was pleased with the flowers. 
19. equal the same amount, size, or number:  Five nickels are equal to one quarter.  The two boys are equal in size.
20. increase to become greater in size or amount:  My allowance will increase by one dollar.

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