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Spelling List - Level 3

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3-1 Spelling Tip
Long e.
The sign for long e is /LongE.gif (859 bytes)/.
The long e can be spelled e, ee and ea.
The long e is in e in the words we and he.
The long e is in ee in the words seen and sweep.
The long e is in ea in the words meal and dream.


Words Definition
1. mean 1. have in mind, want to say:  What does that sentence mean?  2. unkind; cruel:  It is mean to tease the puppy.
2. because for the reason that; since: Pat called us in because supper was ready.
3. near close to; not far from:  We live near a city.
4. sea a great body of water, smaller than an ocean.  Oceans and seas are filled with salt water.
5. reach 1. get to; come to:  Your letter reached me today.   2. stretch: She reached for the milk.
6. ready be prepared for use or for action:  Lunch is ready.   She will be ready to go in a minute.
7. finally at the end; at last:  Our team finally won a game.
8. wheels 1. a round frame that turns on its center.  2. Anything shaped or moving like a wheel.  His cart has four wheels.
9. heat 1. being hot:  The heat of a stove feels good on a cold day.  2.  make or become warm or hot:  The furnace heats the house.
10. energy 1. being able to work or move:  Children have so much energy they can't sit still.  2.  power.

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