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Spelling List - Level 5

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5-1 Spelling List


11. daisy a wild flower, usually white with a yellow center.
12. apron a covering worn over the front of the body to protect clothes:   The cook wore an apron when he make dinner.
13. repair 1. put in good shape again:  Will you repair my torn coat?  2. the act or work of repairing:  Repairs on the car cost a lot.
14. stationery writing paper, cards, and envelopes.
15. bait 1. something used to lure onto a hook or into a trap.  The boy put a red lure on his fishing pole.  2. a poisonous material placed where it will be eaten by wild animals.  He will bait the skunk into a trap.
16. tray a kind of large plate with a raised edge:  The waiter carried dishes on a tray.
17. patience waiting quietly for something you want very much or that you want to happen.
18. waitress a woman who waits on table and brings food in a restaurant.
19. gravy 1. the juice that comes out of meat when it is cooked.  2. a sauce made from this juice.
20. capable having the ability to:  The man was capable of building a house.

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