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Spelling List - Level 5

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5-1 Spelling Tip

Long a.
The sign for long a is /LongA.gif (864 bytes)/.
The long a can be spelled a in apron and ache.
The long a can be spelled ai in pail and brain.


Words Definitions
1. bail 1. a container used to remove water from a boat:   Use the bail to empty the boat.  2. to clear water from by dipping and throwing:  The boys bailed water from the sinking sailboat.  3. the temporary release of a prisoner in exchange for money:  His father paid his bail so he could get out of jail.
2. ache 1. a steady pain:  a stomach ache.  2.  have a steady pain:  My tooth aches.
3. patient 1. having patience:  She was very patient as she stood in line.  2. a person who is being treated by a doctor:  The doctor took care of three patients that afternoon.
4. braces metal wires used to straighten crooked teeth.
5. waiter a man who waits on table and brings food in a restaurant.
6. claim 1. a demand for something due or believed to be due.   2. a right to something.
7. statement 1. something stated:  The president made a statement to the people.  2. a report of facts or opinions:  Please give us your statement.
8. dangerous able to cause harm; not safe.
9. layer one fold or a flat mass: My birthday cake has two layers.  I am wearing three layers of clothes.
10. campaign a connected series of operations designed to bring about a particular result:  The vice president will participate in the campaign.

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