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The Moles of White Lake
By Haley Corcoran

Page 5 Questions for Page 5

They eventually got to sleep that night, but it wasn't very easy. They were restless for hours and hours.
     "Wake up! Wake up!" cried Alli.
     "What?" murmured Mickey.
     "Let's go before any other CRAZY animals come to be our 'friends!'"
     "Ok, Ok, I'll get up," Mickey whined. As he got up, he realized that they had forgotten to pack a change of clothes while they were leaving. So, he had to make do with his dirty jeans and a worn out sweatshirt. "So Alli, since you seem to just know EVERYTHING, what now, huh? Where do we go from here?"
     " I don't know!"
     "How 'bout some ice cream?" Mickey joked.
     "Come on, am I the only one who is actually taking this seriously?" Alli cried.
     "No. I'm just hungry after the whole 'owl incident' last night."
     "Well, first of all, I have no idea where we are. Second of all, we have NO MONEY!!!
     And thirdly, YOU'RE the big brother. YOU should be waking me up, and telling ME what to do!!!"
     "Whoa, whoa, I'm sorry!" Mickey retorted.
     " I wonder which way is home," Alli said, with a calmer tone.
     "Well... I think it's... maybe it's-"
     "Let's just go that way," Alli interupted as she pointed to a wide open field to their left. But then again, they never crossed a field last night, they only remembered going through the forest.
     " Actually, let's go that way," Mickey gestured to his right.
     " Ok," Alli agreed.
     They gathered their things, and set out on their way.

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