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The Moles of White Lake
By Abby Herrick

Page 6 Questions for Page 6

Alli & Mickey started walking through the open field.  They walked and walked for many hours. They were getting tired.  
"I'm so tired", wailed Mickey.  "I'm so very hungry, lets stop and rest and have something to eat", said Alli.
They opened their packs to see what they had left.  They found that they had a few crackers left.   So, they ate all of them.  
"We forgot to bring water",  Mickey exclaimed.   
"Listen, I hear some music", said Alli.  "What's that"? asked Mickey. "let's go find out".
Now they found where the music was coming from.  
"It's a circus", screamed Alli.   "Let's go inside the circus tent.  Maybe we can get something to drink." 
They saw a clown with water in his hand.  He was squirting it all over the place.
"Can I have some of that water to drink"? asked Alli and Mickey at the same time.
The clown squirted some water in each of the moles mouths.   They began to laugh and thanked the clown.
Alli and Mickey walked around the circus, seeing all of the animals doing stunts.  It was amazing what the animals could do.
They forgot that maybe Beth and their parents would be looking for them.


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