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The Tiny Fairy
by Whitney

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One of my favorite toys when I was little was a tiny fairy. The fairy was given to me by my best friend when I moved away. The fairy was very special to me because it could fly, jump, and because it was covered in glitter. The tiny fairy came with a controller to make it fly. It would fly all the way to the top of the ceiling. Once the fairy was all the way to the top it would start spinning. If you pressed a button on the fairy's back it would start jumping. Sometimes I would leave the fairy jumping for hours. The fairy would only stop jumping if you pressed the button on its back again.

Another reason why the tiny fairy is because it is covered in glitter. The fairy would even drop glitter while flying. The best part about the fairy being covered in glitter was that it was really easy to find. After a while the fairy got lost in the closet with all my other toys that I had thrown in there.

Then one day while I was scouring through my old toys. When I looked up I saw the little fairy staring down at me. I grabbed the fairy and pressed the button on its back. Slowly it started jumping. Then the fairy started getting faster. I pressed the button on the fairy's back to turn it off. I was so excited I started scouring through my closet to look for the controller to make the fairy fly. Finally I found it and pressed the on button on the fairy. The fairy started toward the ceiling. When the fairy reached the top of the ceiling it started spinning and flinging out glitter.

After I was done playing with the fairy I decided not to put it back in the closet. Instead I put it on my shelf to admire and to think of  my best friend who had given it to me.

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